Many Roads

Have I ever told you that I’m a huge fan of Andrew Peterson?

He was here in concert a couple of years ago and I was so impressed with his transparency, musicality and clever turn of a phrase that I went out and scooped up every CD in his catalogue that I could find…and his fiction books. Yeah…he’s that good.

Andrew’s latest release, “Counting Stars”, has many thought-provoking tunes, and the one that has really struck a chord with me lately is the opening song, “Many Roads”. In it, he highlights the importance of giving our best and the glad responsibility we have to truly invest ourselves into our work for the Lord… because we never know when our path may intersect with one of God’s divine appointments.

He sings:

Could it be that the many roads
You took to get here
Were just for me to tell this story
And for you to hear this song
And your many hopes
And your many fears
Were meant to bring you here all along

So if you’ll trust me with your time I’ll spend it wisely
I will sing to you with all I have to give
If you traveled all this way, then I will do my best to play
My biggest hits (that don’t exist)

And if you’ll lend to me your ear I’ll sing ‘em pretty
I will never, ever sing ‘em out of tune
And I will not forget the words,
Of any chorus, bridge, or verse
I promise you.

For Andrew Peterson, his deliberate ministry is singing and performing (although I imagine he finds himself ministering in a variety of unexpected, unplanned ways as well). What is it for you?

As we prioritize the eternal things today (God, His Word and People), let’s pray for awareness of opportunities and prepare to the best of our abilities.

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