Voice 2010 - Day 1

My body is still getting used to the ever so slight hike in the temperature (in comparison with the clouds and rain I left behind this morning in Oregon). Despite flight cancellations and delays, I managed to find myself in Los Angeles this afternoon with enough time to get "freshened up" and ready for the Red Carpet Event. While there was no actual red carpet that I noticed, there was a room full of incredibly talented Voice Actors from around the world. Some were people I've had the pleasure of meeting once or twice before in person...others were familiar faces, names and voices that I've "met" on Facebook or the VO forums, but had never been face to face until this evening. The evening concluded with a group of us going to a Mexican restaurant nearby for a late dinner. I tried not to take any of the yawning personally as many of these fine folks are still on east coast time and it's past their bedtime. So, with my roomie, Bob Souer, busily working away on some last minute vo work for the day over in the corner, and with me being unable to upload pics to the blog via iPhone...I'll encourage you to check out my Facebook page fir pictures and bid you a good evening from Voice 2010.

BTW...bonus highlight from today...getting a picture emailed to me of my son who just lost one of his front teeth. :)

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